MnSCU Visiting Students at Riverland

If you are currently admitted at another Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (MnSCU), you may register for courses at Riverland Community College as a visiting student. Visiting students are not required to submit an application for admission.
MnSCU Visiting Student requirements:

  • Visiting student status is not available to individuals currently on suspension or having a financial hold at another MnSCU campus.
  • Visiting students may use financial aid from their home institution (financial aid is not available through Riverland).
  • Visiting student status is not available to PSEO students currently admitted/enrolled at another MnSCU campus.
  • Visiting students may register for up to 8 credits during the summer session at Riverland. The maximum number of total enrolled credits at all MnSCU system colleges and universities cannot exceed 22 in any semester.
  • Visiting students must meet any required course prerequisites or test scores. If you do not meet the appropriate requirements, you will be blocked from registering.
  • Visiting students must follow all Riverland policies, procedures and deadlines and may register for courses during Riverland’s New Student Registration period.
  • Visiting student status is not available for students seeking to complete a certificate, diploma or degree at Riverland.
  • Visiting students will register and pay for classes using the MnSCU eServices site. To make a payment, click the Bills and Payments link following your completed registration. Any questions regarding payment may be directed to the Business Office at 507-433-0522.
  • Submit payment online or to the Riverland Bookstore. Be sure to meet the payment deadlines to avoid course cancellation for non-payment.
  • Please review and complete the Visiting Student Checklist

To register for courses as a MnSCU Visiting Student you need to complete the following steps:

Steps to Register for Classes

  1. Log in to your eServices account at your home campus.
  2. Click on Courses & Registration.
  3. Click on Search for a Course.
  4. By default, your college's name appears next to *College/University.
  5. Select Riverland Community College. You will now be able to search and register for classes at Riverland.
  6. Visiting MnSCU students who register for classes at Riverland will owe tuition at Riverland. To view and pay your bill through your eServices account, click on Bills and Payment. Riverland does not mail invoices, and you are responsible for making payment arrangements by the appropriate deadlines.
  1. If you need to make changes to your schedule after you register, please be aware of Riverlands’s policies and deadlines pertaining to adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes.
  2. In addition to your eServices account, you are responsible for activating and utilizing your Riverland campus email & D2L account. To learn more about each of these accounts and for activation instructions, click here.
  3. Don’t forget your books. You may purchase and in some cases rent your books. For more information click here.