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Disability Services

Riverland Community College provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations upon request for students who have a documented disability. Documentation may be required to determine reasonable services. Contact the Director of Disability Services at 507-433-0646 for additional information on disability services.

Register with the Disability Service Office Early! 

Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Complete the Disability Service Contact form
  2. Provide documentation of your disability. (The Disability Documentation Form may be completed online by your healthcare provider or the professional who diagnosed your disability. Or print a copy of the Documentation Guidelines for your healthcare provider or the professional who diagnosed your disability.) If you have questions about your disability documentation, contact the Director of Disability Services, Sharon Stiehm at 507-433-0646.
  3. Submit documentation by mail, fax, or email to:
    Riverland Community College
    Sharon Stiehm,
    Director of Disability Services
    1900 Eighth Avenue NW
    Austin, MN 55912
    Fax: 1-507-433-0524
  4. Contact the Disability Service staff on your campus to schedule your Intake Appointment. During the Intake you and Disability Service staff will decide which services are best suited for you. (See staff contact information on the right.)
  5. Take the Accuplacer assessment (Complete the 'Disability Services Accuplacer Accommodation' form if accommodations are needed for Accuplacer)
  6. Attend your "New Student Registration" session
  7. Complete the "Semester Accommodation Request" form below if accommodations are needed
We want you to be successful at Riverland Community College! Contact the Disability Service Office at 507-433-0646 if you have questions or need assistance completing this process.

Note: Disability service accommodations are intended to provide individuals with disabilities access to the college programs and activities as well as to provide a means for demonstrating mastery of the course content. Students with disabilities must meet the same academic and non-academic expectations as students without disabilities.

Semester Requests for Accommodations

Students who have completed their Intake must submit a Semester Accommodation Request form each semester when accommodations are needed.

A hard copy of these Disability Service forms are available at any Student Success Center.

Physically Accessible Accommodations

Riverland Community College is committed to providing physical access to all programs and activities. Individuals needing physical access should view the building maps below for accessible entrances and restrooms.

Campus Building Maps:    Albert Lea     Austin East     Austin West     Owatonna

Please contact the Disability Service Office at 507-433-0646 for more information on disability services.

Examples of disability service accommodations available to qualifying students:

  • Priority registration
  • Alternative texts
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Alternative assessment and test formats
  • Note taking services
  • Advocacy liaison services

Disability Service Links

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