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Disability Services Accommodations

Available Accommodations

Accommodations are individualized and intended to provide access to the institution’s programs and services. The accommodation will help minimize the impact a disability has on a student’s academic performance without fundamentally altering the nature of a program or service. During an Intake Appointment, the student and Disability Coordinator will decide which accommodations are reasonable and appropriate.

Some examples of accommodations include:

  • Adaptive Furniture
  • Alternative Format Course Materials (textbooks, tests, etc.)
  • Alternative Test Site
  • Assistive Technology
  • Extended Test Time
  • Lab Assistance
  • NoteTaking
  • Priority Registration
  • Sign-Language Interpreter
  • Special Advising

Accommodations NOT available at the post-secondary level

In accordance with the law, there are some modifications a college or university will not provide as a reasonable accommodation. Examples include:

  • Personal devices such as hearing aids, wheelchairs or glasses.
  • Personal services such as personal attendants or private tutoring (Note: Free online and on-campus tutoring services are available for all Riverland students through the Student Success Center.)
  • Modifications that lower or change course or program standards.
  • Modifications that would change the essence of a program, such as allowing a student in an auto mechanics program to take a written test on repairing an engine instead of actually repairing an engine or allowing a student in a public speaking class to substitute a written paper in place of an oral presentation.
  • Services that are unduly burdensome administratively or financially.

Scheduling an Accommodation Test

To schedule an accommodation test for Austin or Owatonna, log in to the appointment system below with your StarID and Password. Select the location under "Disability Accommodations" on the landing page. Find an available time in white on the schedule and click when you want the test to start. Fill in the required information on the pop-up window and click "Save Appointment." You will receive an email to confirm your accommodation test has been scheduled.

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