Riverland Online Orientation - Roadmap to College Success

Welcome to Riverland and the Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program

If you will be beyond high school while taking courses at Riverland, please click here and you will be directed to our regular student On-Line Orientation.
If you will still be in high school while taking courses at Riverland as part of the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO), continue your orientation right here:

We are very happy that you are planning to attend Riverland as a Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) student. If you are like most of our current students, we know you will be happy too.

The vast majority of our PSEO students:

  • Complete an average of 20 Riverland credits.
  • Say their college experience is of good to excellent quality.
  • Transfer to other colleges with credits earned from Riverland.
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Before you start the PSEO online orientation, let's review the next steps that you will need to take before you register for classes:

  1. If you have not done so already, take a course placement assessment (CPT-Accuplacer) and meet minimum cut scores on the assessment. Click on this link for dates, times and locations for testing and for study and practice test links: http://www.riverland.edu/success-center/index.cfm
  2. Complete this online orientation.
  3. For PSEO students who will be attending classes on one of Riverland’s three campuses – Austin, Albert Lea or Owatonna –Make an appointment and meet with a Riverland Counselor to Register.
  4. For PSEO students taking courses at their high school for college credit (Concurrent Enrollment) – Enroll with Riverland on the first day of class.

At your Counseling Appointment you will also....

  1. Discuss any questions you may have about college.
  2. Learn to access your student account and student services on line.
  3. Select and Register for classes
  4. Receive three copies of your schedule – one for you, one for your high school counselor and one to take to the bookstore to get your books