PSEO Book Policy

The PSEO program covers course tuition, fees and textbooks which the student must return. PSEO textbooks are the property of the post-secondary institution. If a PSEO student can keep the items (example – art supplies), the student must pay for them.The program does not cover general school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc., or non-consumable supplies such as calculators, instrument rental, uniforms, etc. There are a limited number of financial exclusions to the program, this includes courses under 1000 and textbooks not required for courses.These must be paid for by the student.

Books may be picked up one week prior to the start of the semester.
    1. A schedule marked “PSEO” must be brought and left at the bookstore when picking up books. 
    2. Only the student enrolled through the PSEO program or the parent/guardian of the student may
        pick up the required textbooks
    3. All books for the semester, including books for any late-starting classes, must be picked up by the
        third week of 
the semester.

Each student is required to return all textbooks and supplies to the bookstore by the last day of finals for the current semester. Books for the next term cannot be picked up until prior semester books have been returned. Failure to return books will result in the student being responsible to pay the full price for books and a hold will be placed on their college account. If the PSEO student would like to purchase the textbooks at the end of the term, they may do so for 50% of new price.


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