Applying for PSEO

Fall Semester - August 1 Spring Semester - December 1


  • College work is more rigorous and college grades will affect your high school GPA and class standing. It is also the beginning of your college transcript which will follow you throughout your college career.
  • The PSEO program is not suited for everyone, regardless of how high one's GPA might be.
  • Excellent attendance is critical for success. You must make the commitment to be in class every day.
  • It is your responsibility to provide all documentation from your high school each semester before registering for class.
  • High school and college calendars may differ greatly. If a class is scheduled, you need to be there!
  • It can be challenging to participate on a part-time basis, meshing the high school and college schedules.
  • Success in college will require maturity, responsibility, self-discipline, good study habits and time management skills.
  • You are responsible for understanding and following all college policies.
  • PSEO students can still participate in high school extra-curricular activities, as long as they don't interfere with attending classes.
  • The PSEO program pays for the courses and books for qualified high school juniors or seniors, or home-schooled students, who take college courses at a Riverland campus while still in high school. Please download the Getting Started Packet.


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