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In 2005, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Chancellor James H. McCormick described the achievements and challenges that faced the system at its ten-year anniversary.  His comments applied to Riverland and served as an affirmation of steps we had taken to ensure that Riverland remained a viable, relevant resource to the communities we serve.

"In the decade since the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities formed, the system has become a powerhouse of higher education in the state and a national leader," McCormick said.  "Our colleges and universities have evolved into sophisticated education enterprises, working to continually increase quality and efficiency and to enhance the experience of the students we serve."

The system, created in 1995, merged three autonomous systems for technical colleges, community colleges, and state universities. Riverland Community College, which now serves southeastern Minnesota and northern Iowa with facilities in Albert Lea, Austin, and Owatonna, is a member of that system.

Riverland Community College, as we know it today, merged Albert Lea's South Central Technical College, Austin Community College, Austin's Riverland Technical College and its Owatonna training center.
Now, fifteen years later, our greatest strength remains that Riverland is a comprehensive community college.  Instead of acting as simply a technical college or a community college, Riverland is both.  This distinction allows Riverland to provide more services to the communities it serves.

Riverland offers more than 50 technical certificate, diploma, and degree options in the Associate of Arts, Sciences, Applied Science, and Fine Arts degrees.  Our Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses transfer credits to other Minnesota colleges and universities and to other institutions throughout the United States.  Further, in southeastern Minnesota, Riverland has developed a variety of services in farm and small business management as well as customized training for companies and businesses.

To maintain Riverland's strong reputation within our state system, we are now re-examining the college’s mission to meet the needs of a contemporary world in financially challenging times.  We continue to strive to align ourselves with the communities we serve and the higher education needs of Minnesota.  To remain a sophisticated provider of technical and transfer education, we must evaluate our mission, vision, and values statements to validate that we are charting a course that will lead Riverland to a preferred future in which the college is known for excellence in teaching and learning.
The review process is inclusive and includes faculty, staff, students, and community members.  The key questions guiding the process are included in the “Mission, Vision, and Values Audit ”.  To review the current mission, vision, and values statements, click here:  Riverland Mission Statement.  These statements inform the actions of our faculty, our staff and our students.

Our purpose for this review process begun in 2009 is to ensure that Riverland’s mission and vision will help us stay relevant and focused on providing access to higher education and premium quality management education, customized training, career, and liberal arts programs.
If you are asked to participate in a survey or forum, please say “yes” and join our efforts to improve the quality of services provided by Riverland Community College.

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Marijo Alexander
Executive Administrative Assistant to the President