Advisory Committee

Gas and Grocery Incentive Points Program

Earn points when you participate in activities and discussions.  Each point equals one dollar. Redeem your points for grocery and gas “gift” cards.  Points are totaled on the 24th of each  month and distributed at the Student Parent Center during the first week of each month.

Stop in the Parent Center or register online to start earning incentive points today!

Gas and Grocery             One point = $1.00


Complete intake form


Complete health survey


Attend/participate in a Parent Center Activity (other than the free lunch and learns)


Work with a Riverland Tutor

5 (20pts/semester)

Meet with faculty member outside of class to discuss classroom-related issue(s)

5 (10pts/semester)

Engage with Parent Center Facebook

5 (20pts/month)

Apply for Riverland Scholarship

10 (10pts/semester)

Visit  an Enrollment Advisor or Counselor to plan for next semester

5 (10pts/semester)

Apply for graduation


Make a "quality, contributing post or comment on the Riverland Parent Center FaceBook page (*decided by Parent Center staff)

up to 5pts (20pts/ sem)




Bruce Heiny
Parent Center Coordinator
Riverland Community College

Carol Robison
Parent Center SupportRiverland Community College


Albert Lea

Erin McCormick-Lee
Tutoring/Disability Services
Parent Center Coordinator
Riverland Community College



Attina Earl
Tutoring/Disability Services
Parent Center Coordinator
Riverland Community College

The project described was supported by Grant Number 1 SP1AH000022-01-00 from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The Riverland Parent Center is funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Health, in partnership with Parenting Resource Center, Inc.