Programs of Study

World Languages

Riverland offers a variety of World Languages courses.

Why should you learn another language?

  • To increase global understanding. Successful negotiations will depend upon effective communication skills and an understanding of the culture and cultural practices. To improve employment potential. If businesses are to successfully compete in a global economy, attention needs to be focused on language as well as cultural understanding. Government agencies, the travel industry, public policy, advertising and publishing, education, health and medicine, law enforcement, economics, engineering, communications, entertainment, research and development are just a few of the career areas that may depend upon employees with dual language skills.
  • To increase capability in the native language as well as in cognitive and life skills.├é┬áResearch has documented that students' scores improve in a variety of topics of study in their own language after studying a second language.
  • To increase opportunities to further their study at other colleges and universities. Many language program courses are requirements for pursuing other majors and disciplines of study.
  • To gain an appreciation for the art, literature, music and other cultural components of another culture. Learning a language can open many doors.
  • To become more of a global citizen of the world and to make travel easier and more enjoyable.
  • To expand study abroad options and provide opportunities for growth and development.
  • To learn more about themselves and how they can become a better global citizen through their participation in cultural understanding.
  • To make new friends!