Award: Certificate / 15 Credits
Location: Albert Lea  Online  Hybrid Courses  
Program Starts:
Course Plan: One Year

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Would you like to increase your leadership skills?

This certificate program can be completed in just one semester and provides students with well-rounded knowledge in the principles of supervision and leadership. There is a strong emphasis on personal evaluation and goal development that is complemented by gaining appreciation for the strengths and talents of others. You will learn how to increase communication skills by concentrating on listening, accepting criticism, offering feedback and working on motivation. The aim of an accelerated format is to connect course work to real-world workplace applications. It is essential to success that you are willing to dedicate considerable time outside the classroom to reading, writing, research, presentations and projects.

Employment Outlook

Increasing leadership skills will give you greater potential for achieving advancement in your career goals.

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Supervisory Management - Leadership Certificate was last updated on 05/12/2014
Note: This is an unofficial document that should be used for planning purposes only. Course listings are provided only as a guideline and may be changed.

Estimated Tuition
15 cr  x  $212.00 = $3,180.00 
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Program Graduate Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the graduate will:
  • Ability to develop and implement change strategies.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and identify approaches to motivation used to achieve a productive work environment.
  • Apply marketing, management and organizational theories in a supervisory setting.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver effective oral and written communications.
  • Utilize current technology.
  • Demonstrate administrative management skills.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills.

Supervisory Management - Leadership Faculty & Advisors

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Program Notes

Students entering this program must meet the following minimum program entry requirements:
Reading: An Accuplacer score of 60 is recommended.

Assessment Results and Prerequisites: Students admitted into Riverland Community College program may need to complete additional courses based on assessment results and course prerequisite requirements. Certain MATH and ENGL courses have additional prerequisites.

Required Core Courses (15 Credits)
Course ## Name
Course Outline
Students chose 1 credit of any other SMGT course.
1 N/A
Emotional Intelligence
This course introduces the students to techniques to improve their relationships with others through understanding and developing their emotional intelligence. Course content will help students gain an understanding of the research that shows emotional intelligence plays a critical role in increasing productivity, performance, and satisfaction both in and outside the workplace. Emotional intelligence can be significantly improved throughout ones life and is an important part of life-long learning. (1Cr - 1 lect, 0 lab) no pre-reqs
1.00 SMGT1015
Leadership Development
This course introduces students to different leadership traits and styles. Students analyze many types of leaders, both traditional and contemporary. Students participate in an in-depth analysis of personal leadership styles including identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Emphasis is placed on developing individual leadership styles and on learning techniques to foster growth in others' leadership capabilities as well as applying leadership skills on the job and soliciting feedback. Strategic planning processes and the application of leadership skills to strategic planning are covered. (2 Cr - 2 lect, 0 lab)
2.00 SMGT1020
Work Ethics
This course focuses on the influence of ethics and values on supervisory skills and decision-making. The relationship between ethics and values is studied. The Resolved Strategy of Ethical Decision Making is used to identify ethical dilemmas, analyze those dilemmas, and choose and defend ethical decisions in response. This course identifies supervisory strategies to motivate employees and define the role ethics and values play in the outcome of those strategies. (1 Cr - 1 lect, 0 lab)
1.00 SMGT1030
Managing Change
This course provides practical applications for creating appropriate change in any organization. Participants develop an awareness of the major sources and benefits of change. Changing social, political, legal, technological, and managerial environments is initiated by leaders effectively managing change. The course provides supervisors to facilitate change, understand the issues, prepare for change, and help employees with change. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of the course content. (1 Cr - 1 lect, 0 lab,)
1.00 SMGT1040
Strategies for Personal Effectiveness
This course focuses on personal excellence through positive attitudes and self empowerment. This course offers techniques and strategies to stay positive and focused in a busy, pressure-filled world. Through a process of personal exploration and growth, students discover insights about behavior and thought processes. Self-improvement strategies offer students an opportunity to gain new perspectives on their personal life and career. (1 Cr - 1 lect, 0 lab)
1.00 SMGT1060
Building Collaborative Relationships
This course will help students gain an understanding of why some of our working relationships are highly productive, others frustrating and ineffectual and also show the student what is required by individuals to build more successful and collaborative relationships - internally in teams, across functions and departments, or externally with suppliers, customers and partners. (1Cr - 1 lect, 0 lab)
1.00 SMGT1070
Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, and Succession Planning
This course introduces students to the components of a strategic plan and the process of strategic planning. You will learn how setting goals and managing teams is a critical part of actually getting plans implemented. Students will gain an understanding of succession planning and how it ties into a strategic plan. (1Cr - 1 lect, 0 lab)
1.00 SMGT1080
Leading Through Vision, Mission, and Values Statements
This course introduces the opportunity to experience first-hand the power that a mission, vision, and value statements can have for leading teams, departments, and organizations. Students will look at several ways you can use mission, vision, and value statements to generate tactical plans that bring these statements to life in your organization. (1Cr - 1 lect, 0 lab)
1.00 SMGT1090
Supervisory Management – Leadership – Internship
This course is designed to assist the student in experiencing the real-world environment that a leader is exposed to everyday in the workforce. Students will work alongside a professional for a total of 48 hours. Internship worksite must be pre-approved by the program manager or SMGT faculty. (1 Cr – 0 lect, 0 lab, 1 OTJ)
1.00 SMGT1095
Problem Solving/Decision Making
This course emphasizes the skills and resources required to solve organizational problems, make better decisions, and achieve professional and organizational goals. There is an opportunity to practice various problem solving techniques on real problems in the workplace, as well as creative and critical thinking methods. Focus is on improvement of problem solving skills on the job through practical application. (2 Cr - 2 lect, 0 lab)
2.00 SMGT1210
Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
This course provides students with a basic understanding of accounting for non-financial managers with emphasis on interpretation of financial statements and accounting data. The course develops an understanding of basic accounting principles and concepts, applies various analytical methods to many types of financial information, and familiarizes students with financial statements and records to make proper decisions. (2 Cr - 2 lect, 0 lab)
2.00 SMGT2000

Supervisory Management - Leadership (CERT) Program Curriculum was last updated on 05/12/2014

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