Diplomas are awarded for successful completion of 31-72 semester college-level credits and are intended for students who desire entry-level employment skills or career advancement. Students in diploma programs are required to complete technical courses as well as general education courses. A minimum of 24 credits shall be in occupational or technical courses. At least one-third of the credits shall be taught by the faculty recommending the award.

*An AAS degree may be awarded in any diploma program with completion of approved general education classes.

Program Name Award Credits
Accounting Diploma (DIP) 60 Credits
Accounting Clerk Diploma (DIP) 30 Credits
Advanced Office Specialist Diploma (DIP) 64 Credits
Applied Engineering Technology - Machining & Automation Diploma (DIP) 51 Credits
Automotive Service Technology Diploma (DIP) 69 Credits
Carpentry, Commercial Diploma (DIP) 64 Credits
Carpentry, Residential Diploma (DIP) 32 Credits
Collision Repair Technology Diploma (DIP) 68 Credits
Cosmetology Diploma (DIP) 60 Credits
Criminal Justice - Corrections Diploma (DIP) 31 Credits
Diesel Technology Diploma (DIP) 69 Credits
Electrical Maintenance Technician Diploma (DIP) 64 Credits
Electrician-Construction Diploma (DIP) 74 Credits
Farm Business Management Diploma (DIP) 60 Credits
Industrial Maintenance and Mechanics Diploma (DIP) 70 Credits
Massage Therapist Diploma (DIP) 33 Credits
Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma (DIP) 64 Credits
Medical Assistant Diploma (DIP) 36 Credits
Medical Secretary Diploma (DIP) 34 Credits
Nursing Program - Practical Nursing Diploma (DIP) 39 Credits
Office Specialist Diploma (DIP) 34 Credits
Web Developer Diploma (DIP) 47 Credits
Wind Turbine Technician Diploma (DIP) 60 Credits