The Diploma of Occupational Proficiency is the vocational degree awarded upon completion of a technical program. Studies include technical credits only, with six to 12 general studies credits related to your technical education.

The Diploma is awarded to students successfully completing programs intended to provide students with either entry-level employment skills or upgraded employment skills.

  • Students in these programs are required to complete several courses from the general studies curriculum in addition to required technical courses.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation.
  • Students are encouraged to work closely with the counseling department to ensure that all program requirements are completed.

*An AAS degree may be awarded in any diploma program with completion of approved general education classes.

Program Name Award Credits
Accounting Diploma (DIP) 60
Accounting Clerk Diploma (DIP) 30
Advanced Office Specialist Diploma (DIP) 64
Applied Engineering Technology - Machining & Automation Diploma (DIP) 51
Automotive Service Technology Diploma (DIP) 69
Carpentry Assistant Diploma (DIP) 31
Carpentry Technology Diploma (DIP) 64
Collision Repair Technology Diploma (DIP) 68
Construction Electrician Diploma (DIP) 74
Cosmetology Diploma (DIP) 60
Criminal Justice - Corrections Diploma (DIP) 31
Diesel Technology Diploma (DIP) 69
Farm Business Management Diploma (DIP) 60
Industrial Maintenance and Mechanics Diploma (DIP) 69
Massage Therapist Diploma (DIP) 33
Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma (DIP) 64
Medical Assistant Diploma (DIP) 36
Medical Secretary Diploma (DIP) 34
Nursing Program - Practical Nursing Diploma (DIP) 39
Office Specialist Diploma (DIP) 34
Small Business Management Diploma (DIP) 39
Web Developer Diploma (DIP) 47
Wind Turbine Technician Diploma (DIP) 60