Policies & Procedures



College parking lots are designated as General, Visitor, and Employee.  Parking stalls may be reserved for handicapped parking, cosmetology and massage therapy clients, state vehicles, food service and 15-minute parking.  Parking restrictions are enforced from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Parking is allowed within marked stalls only.  Overnight parking is allowed only with prior approval from the Facilities department.

Parking Lot Characteristics

Albert Lea
Handicapped parking is available in the west and north parking lots.  The north lot is General parking.  The west lot is General parking, with the exception of two 15-minute parking stalls.  The south lot contains four stalls for Massage Therapy clients (when in session), with the remaining stalls for Employee parking.  The Southeast lot is for Employee parking. 

Austin East
Handicapped parking is available by the theatre, gymnasium and Main Street entrances.  The lot closest to the Main Street entrance contains reserved stalls for food service and one state vehicle. All other parking stalls are General parking.  Overflow parking for student housing is located in the southwest corner of the gymnasium parking lot.

Austin West
Handicapped parking is available in the south lot.  The south lot also has reserved stalls for Cosmetology clients (when in session), and food service vehicles.  The remainder of the south lot is General parking. The North lot is General parking.  State cars are parked in the college shed.  The link has two state vehicle stalls to accommodate mail delivery.  The bullpen near Collision Repair accommodates approximately one handicapped and eight parking stalls for Employee parking.  The south bullpen has reserved parking for maintenance vehicles, with the remainder of the striped area for Employee parking.

Handicapped parking is available near the main entrance.



Parking is allowed within marked stalls only.  Overnight parking is allowed only with prior approval from the Facilities department.  Vehicles parked in Austin West and Albert Lea Employee parking lots must have parking permits displayed and clearly visible.  Parking permits are available from the Business Office at each college location.

The college reserves the right to issue warnings, ticket and/or tow vehicles for parking policy violations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Illegal parking in handicapped stalls, fire lanes, and streets.
  • Parking in an inappropriate lot or stall.
  • Parking on the grass or sidewalks.
  • Failure to park within marked parking stalls.
  • Parking overnight without prior approval from the Facilities department.
  • Unauthorized parking in the student housing parking lot.

The Facilities department reserves the right to temporarily reserve parking stalls or lots for construction projects or special events.

Parking and Access Fees

The college has assessed fees to students and employees since the 1995-96 fall semester and 1996-97 spring semester, respectively.  The current fee for students is $3 per credit up to a maximum of $45 per semester.  The maximum fee for employees is also $45 per semester.  Fees are not charged for summer sessions.

Fee Structure, Applicability and Administration

  • The current full-time staff fee is $45 per semester.  The part-time staff fee is based on work assignment percentage (i.e. ¾ time staff pay .75 x $45 = $33.75 per semester). 
  • The current faculty fee is the number of credits taught times $3 per credit, to a maximum of $45 per semester. 
  • The fee does not apply to sites other than the three college locations.
  • Lessees are charged using the same rate structure as college employees.
  • Parking surcharges may be assessed to partners for their students attending classes at Riverland locations.
  • Student fees are billed through the registration process in ISRS.
  • Fee waivers may be granted for extraordinary circumstances.  Student parking waiver requests must be submitted on the petition form within the first five days of each semester for current semester fees.  Employee parking waiver requests must be requested on the appropriate waiver form and signed by supervisors.  Completed employee parking waiver forms will be forwarded to the Parking Committee for approval.
  • The Business Office invoices employees and lessees each semester.  Payment or waiver request is due within 30 days from receipt.  The college strongly encourages utilization of the automatic payroll deduction payment option that provides employees a pre-tax benefit.