Enrollment Advisors
Kris Gullord / 507-379-3316 Albert Lea
Patty Hemann / 507-433-0816 Austin
Amanda Mathews / 507-433-0374 Austin
Mary Kay Wilson / 507-433-0660 Austin
Nel Zellar / 507-433-0832 Austin
Julianna Sammon / 507-455-5881 ext 2215 Owatonna
International Student Advsior
Melodee Morem / 507-433-0558 Austin
Minority Advisor
Miguel Garate / 507-433-0686 Austin
Edel Fernandez / 507-379-3366 Albert Lea / Owatonna
Director of Enrollment Services/ Registrar
Sue Jech / 507-433-0610 Austin

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