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IAQG-Sanctioned Aerospace Auditor Transition Training to AS9100:2009

The Aerospace Auditor Transition Training is the course which has been mandated and sanctioned by the IAQG for all current AAs, AEAs, and AIEAs to meet the new training requirement for AS9100;2009 Revision C. This course is applicable and beneficial to internal auditors, Implementation teams, OEMs, and non-aerospace auditors looking to become Aerospace auditors. The course is process-based to add value for those implementation members who desire to learn how to audit for effectiveness as well as compliance.

*Prior approval is required for registration*

Length: 4 days | CEUs: 3.1

Prerequisites: Online Component: Foundations: Understanding AS9100C


Prerequisite- Online Foundations: Understanding AS9100:2009:

  • Identify the Process Approach
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the AS9100C Standard

The four-day instructor-led session:

  • Utilize Process based Auditing techniques and methodologies
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements and the intent of AS9100
  • Apply knowledge through a Practicum based on the AS9101 Rev D standard to include as follows:
    • A combination of lecture, a case study, videos, role-playing, and group activities
    • Understand how-to audit AS9100 for effectiveness as well as compliance with the application of the process approach
    • Application and proper use of AS9101 forms (to include the NCR)
    • Interview builds on data collected during the class. This Interview is conducted as a “technical review” of forms and documents collected during an audit based on AS9101Rev D


Learning is maximized through participation. That is why Riverland training avoids lecture-based teaching and focuses on group activities, case studies and hands-on applications. Learn by doing.


  • Any member of an AS9100 implementation team
  • Trainers who want an effective method of explaining AS9100 to employees
  • Anyone who wants to be able to conduct 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audits to the AS9100:2009 Standard
  • Representatives from key functional groups involved in an organization’s quality management system
  • Those attendees who want to understand how to audit for effectiveness and compliance
  • Supplier Auditors


Riverland Master Trainers. Riverland Master Trainers train and evaluate:

  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, AS9100, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety, ISO 9001:2008 for Healthcare and ISO 13485:2003 for Medical Devices.
  • Riverland trains 3rd party auditors and delivers the materials used to certify all of them.


  • Day 1
    • Introduction
    • Bridge from e-learning to instructor-led
    • Pre-audit and Stage 1
    • Auditing Planning
  • Day 2
    • Auditing Planning (continued)
    • Auditing Top Management
    • Auditing Process Owners
    • Auditing Process Trails
  • Day 3
    • Auditing Process Trails (continued)
    • Conclusion, Reporting, and Certification Recommendation
    • Surveillance, Recertification, and Special Audits
  • Day 4
    • Assessments
    • Knowledge (1.5 hrs)
    • Application (3 hrs)
    • Interview


There are two elements involved in the evaluation and examination for successful completion of participants of this course:

  1. Knowledge Examination: All participants are required to bring a laptop for the online final examination.
  2. Application Examination: Participants will be evaluated based on their applied knowledge of AS9100 during the 4-day course with a final interview on the 4th day.
  • Those who pass will receive a certificate of successful completion, which satisfies the training requirement for individual QMS and Aerospace Auditor certifications through the RABQSA.
  • Those who do not pass will receive a certificate of attendance.

Note: The time allotted for taking the examination is 4.5 hours. Strict adherence to the time limit is to be maintained. However, the trainer may allow a student whose primary language is not the language in which the course is conducted, or a student with a particular disability that adversely affects the student’s capability to complete the examination in the allotted time, up to 30 additional minutes for taking the written examination.


The “IAQG-Sanctioned Aerospace Auditor Transition Training to AS9100:2009” is focused on the training and development of the auditor candidates. Advisement, correction, discussion, information transfer and learning are the focus of the training session. Additionally, trainer evaluations of the auditor candidates’ performance and understanding are directed toward improving the candidates’ performance and understanding. Trainers do not make final pass/fail determinations during the training, but they collect performance data that is used as an input to make pass/fail determinations with regard to candidates’ performance and understanding. Final evaluation of the candidates is the result of oral interviews, online examinations and continual evaluations during the training session.

Course Schedule

Aug 2-5, 2011 Long Beach, CA
Aug 7-12, 2011  Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 23-26, 2011 Cape Canaveral, FL
Sept 13-16, 2011
Seattle, WA
 Sept 20-23, 2011  Phoenix, AZ
 Oct 4-7, 2011  Houston, TX
 Oct 18-21, 2011  Cape Canaveral, FL
 Nov 8-11, 2011  Toronto, ON
 Nov 15-18, 2011  Long Beach, CA
 Dec 6-9, 2011  Seattle, WA

*Prior approval is required for registration*

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