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Riverland Community College understands the demands and hectic schedules of today's busy students. To address these demands, Riverland offers courses via distance learning.

Courses available using distance learning technologies provide educational opportunities for students who need flexible times for completing a degree or continuing their education. This technology provides access to quality education and professional development at non-traditional times, in non-traditional places, and with non-traditional formats. Courses are offered through Interactive Television (ITV) or the Internet. ITV offers courses at multiple locations simultaneously, reducing travel time and costs. Internet courses are either fully online, or offered as hybrid courses, where some class interaction takes place online, reducing time spent in class.

Distance-learning courses are the equivalent to on-campus classes in content, assignments, credit, and include interaction with a qualified Riverland instructor. Textbooks, study guides, activities, and examinations are designed to enable you to succeed. Registration for all distance learning courses is the same process as for traditional courses.

Current distance-learning offerings are available in the semester class schedules and on Riverland's website. The courses available change each semester.

An increasing number of Riverland’s online and hybrid courses are Quality Matters certified. Quality Matters is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online and hybrid courses. With more than 50 QM-certified courses, Riverland is a recognized leader, among the top 2% of all Quality Matters colleges and universities. For a full listing of Riverland’s Quality Matters certified courses, see: http://www.riverland.edu/oit/qualitymatters.cfm



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