Access to Riverland's computing resources is an important component of instruction at Riverland. Currently enrolled students receive a network account that allows access to e-mail, the Internet, and the campus computing facilities. A student's username and password information may be obtained by stopping at a Help Desk or accessing through the College's Web site. Help Desks can be found in Austin East, Open Computer Lab; Austin West, A228; Albert Lea, 101A; and Owatonna, 123.

As a student, you are expected to use this privilege in a responsible and ethical manner. These guidelines are outlined in the "Riverland Computing Contract" and "Acceptable Use of the College Computer Labs." Computer classrooms and open labs are available in each building.

Certain College programs require students to have a laptop computer. The laptops are provided to students through a fee-based lease agreement. Additional information is located at the Laptop Advantage page.

The "Riverland Online" and "Distance Learning" pages offer additional information about taking online classes. You can also link to "Is Online for Me?" to access two surveys that will assist you to determine if you are the right type of student to take an online course.













Albert Lea Campus:
Monica McBee
Albert Lea Campus:
Craig Nelson
Austin East Campus:
Tim Michaud
Austin East Campus:
Tom Andrist
Austin West Campus:
Terry Pelovsky
Owatonna Campus:
Shane Wrede