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What: A leadership program designed to enable candidates to learn about this area’s resources, values, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. A learning experience geared toward providing an intense look at the business community, politics, education, quality of life, health care, human services, law, media, diversity, and/or other topics inherent in our community. Opportunities for candidates to exchange ideas build networks and begin the process of identifying and solving important community issues.

Who: A pool of candidates who were selected through a competitive process and who are current or prospective leaders in the community area. Candidates are drawn from business, industry, education, public and private agencies, civic groups, and virtually all other facets of the professional community. Class size will be limited.

Program Development: A Chamber-designated “Leadership Steering /Advisory Committee” oversees the development of the program.  Riverland Community College and the Chamber will assist with individual seminar curriculum development in cooperation with designated day-leaders.

Where: This localized program was designed by the Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Riverland Community College and its Training and Development Division. All sessions are facilitated locally and focus on topics directly affecting our community. Seminars are held at a different location each session.

Why: To develop candidate knowledge and understanding of our community … its complexities and its potential. Also, the program provides opportunities for participants to meet and exchange ideas with each other and current community leaders. The intent is to motivate and encourage participants to assume individual leadership roles in community affairs.

How: A series of intense thematic seminars held over a specific period or time and conducted by local, regional, and nationally known professionals. The bulk of the instructional staff is drawn from volunteers in the community and area.

Cost: Tuition is payable at the time a participant is accepted to candidacy. Scholarship opportunities are available.

When: Monthly sessions, day and time to be determined.