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Colleges Helping Students in Bad Economy
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 02, 2010
Contact: James Douglass, Director of Communications, Riverland Community College: (507) 433-0611,

AUSTIN, MN - Some local colleges are trying to help out students in this weak economy.


Riverland Community College has a foundation to help students pay for school. The school's president says it also looks for state and federal grants to cover costs. In Iowa, Kaplan University is handing out gas and grocery cards to students. They say it's a way to help out.president.

"We can help turn this economic crisis around....and we do that through work force development. Helping dislocated workers and helping those who are under employed get the skills so they can get better jobs," Riverland Community College President Terrence Leas said. "We try to help students avoid loans cause we don't want to see them graduating with a lot of debt and then trying to start a career or a family and have that as an added burden on them."

To find out about some of those programs for students,ýclickýhere for Riverland Community College andýhere for Kaplan University.