Student Success Center

Retest Policy

Students are eligible to test three times within a twelve (12) month period. The initial test and retests include Accuplacer assessments taken at another Minnesota State College and University System (MnSCU) institution or high school. The second test must be a minimum of two (2) weeks after the initial test.

If the student wishes to test a third time, they are eligible to do so and will be charged a retest fee of $20.00. Students may test a fourth time with documentation of remediation and the payment of another retest fee. Remediation includes:

  1. Current enrollment in or completion of developmental or ESLA coursework.
  2. Completion of MyFoundations Lab units.
  3. Documentation of participation in Adult Basic Education (ABE) refresher labs or courses.
  4. Documentation of participation in other remedial coursework.

Permission may be granted by a Counselor or the Dean of Student Affairs to waive the number of retests and the retest timeframe for extenuating circumstances.

Contact Information

If you have questions concerning ACCUPLACER Testing, call 507-433-0600.